The Platform

Baidu TV provides a platform for content providers that integrates a strong, distributed content network with a powerful search engine that makes sure that your content is properly monetized.

Two For One

Aside from providing your content the maximum exposure on the Baidu TV app, we also provide our Premier Channel Partners with a customized and custom-branded app to enforce the brand relationship with your customers and followers.

Stop worrying about all the usual baggage of scalability and managing a content distribution network: Your app can tap into the same mission-critical and highly reliable content management network as our main Baidu application.

Your app can be highly customized to your needs: Integrating your session cookies and login procedures avoids the need of redundant registration. You configure the scope of services and the user's ability to see other channels in the Baidu TV network. And a powerful search engine with natural language interface makes sure that your content is found, regardless whether within the app or through external sources.